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The Benefits


Water is the source of all life on the planet. It helps plants to grow, it keeps us alive, and it provides valuable ecosystems to the creatures on this earth. However, for farmers and construction workers, water can be a real pain in the ‘you know what’. Where natural water is involved, gravity and excess moisture compound to create a logistical nightmare for farmers, and homeowners alike.

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Water naturally erodes soil, and foundations over time; this can make it difficult to grow crops and maintain them; it can also be difficult to keep your home from flooding or gathering mold. That is why French drains are always a great idea when trying to control water. Here are some ways that French drains can make your life as a homeowner, or landowner, much less painful.

The Benefits of the French Drains

The main benefit of having a French drain installed is the actual reason it was invented in the first place–to help control water flow underground. If there is a slope in the surrounding land, it is guaranteed that rainfall and water buildup will cause the moisture to gather at the bottom of the slope. This can cause water pooling underneath homes, structures, and crops.

French drains allow the water at the top of the slope to drain off in the direction that the landowner prefers. They can also help redirect water to more beneficial areas if need be.  In addition to providing simple water runoff direction, French drains are also some of the simplest to install.

Easy to Install

There are many different types of devices and methods used for redirecting water available, but the French drain has always been considered one of the simplest. They are so simple, in fact, that they can be installed completely on your own. All you need is the right tools, and materials–the rest is simple. This is an added benefit for those who don’t wish to sink thousands of dollars into hiring a professional, when they can simply do it themselves.

They are Eco-Friendly!

French drains are also Eco-friendlier than most modern drainage systems. They use simple materials–most of which are 100% natural–and can be made using only simple tools that won’t require the use of heavy machinery that can leave a massive carbon footprint. In addition, French drains that are installed properly can increase the value of a home once certified. These are just a few of the numerous benefits of having a well-made French drain system on your land or property.

French drains are easy to install, and easy to maintain. Their simplicity overall is among the greatest reasons for anyone to take the plunge and have one of their own installed. They are easy on the wallet and can even be fashioned to look rather appealing when done. For those who are concerned with the way that water runs in and around their land and property, a French drain might be one of the best investments that could ever be made. The cst to make your own is relatively little, but the savings in preventative damages can be massive. It’s no wonder they’re so popular.

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